Star Wars, Storytelling, and Website Design

Few sci-fi universes evoke the religious devotion observed by Stars Wars fans. Quite literally: The spiritual doctrine of Yoda and his knights in the Star Wars franchise is called Jediism, and psychologist Derek Togerson reported that “in the 2011 census the United Kingdom had 177,000 people declare themselves Jedi … making it the 7th-most popular “religion” in the U.K.” Talk about a cult following!

So exactly what is the force binding millions of devotees to Luke Skywalker, Jyn Erso, Han Solo, and Darth Vader?Continue reading

3 Key Elements of a Good Website Design

Although it has been said not to judge a book by its cover, people don’t always follow that and do it anyway. The same is true for a website. Oftentimes, people will take a quick glance at a website and within a few seconds determine if it’s good enough to continue searching. If that’s the case, then what makes a good website design?Continue reading

Why It’s Time for Small Mom and Pop Stores to Make an E-Commerce Page

Even the most experienced small business owners can be intimidated when it comes to making an e-commerce page for their store. Although you may be an expert at sourcing, marketing and merchandising your products in a brick-and-mortar store, running an e-commerce site can feel like uncharted territory. The good news is that branching out to this channel may not be as difficult as you think. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider this additional method of selling to your customers.Continue reading

Why Have a Website?

By: Bonnie Beck

Many companies throughout the world today are operating their business with no website. When the internet keeps moving forward and advancing, your business needs to advance as well. If companies do not own or operate an online business as well as a physical business, they will lose out on sales and additional profits.Continue reading